I'm a Computing Science student at the University of Alberta. I'm a product oriented developer passionate about creativity and more importantly, passionate about technology. My interests include using software to hack everyday productivity, cloud computing, and scaling legacy back-end infrastructure. I use familiar tools to improve back-end design and to improve user experience.


Akash Homes

A fully customizable real-estate website that serves static and dynamic webpages on a serverless platform using Google Cloud Computing services. Integrates several productivity APIs to optimize user experience, generate sales leads, and create a seamless content administration experience.


Real Time Acoustic Emission Localization. This software package can be used for full waveform simulation. Applicable to geophysical engineering.


A mobile application developed to help in emergency drug overdose situations using first responder assistance and nearby users with overdose kits.


Optimizing Async/Await for AWS

Learn how to optimize your Python3 or Nodejs application to use less async/await behavior which could make Jeff Bezos rich...er.

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